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As we have already mentioned in previous posts, Possible is not only committed to education, but also to society. As a company, it is undeniable that we have a social responsibility with everything that surrounds us and that helps us carry out our work. Last year we collaborated with the Discamino association with an application […]

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What is a technology consultancy?

A consultancy is a service that companies can use to find solutions to their business problems. There are specialized consultancies in various areas, but today we will talk, in particular, about what a technology consultancy can provide. What exactly are they? Technology consulting is responsible for providing technological knowledge to a business. Through this service, […]

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Mobile app design

A mobile app is a computer application that is developed for smartphones, requiring conceptualization of the idea, sketching, initial designs, programming and final design. App design has become a necessity for all companies today, as the impact it has on customer conversion is becoming more and more noticeable. What exactly is app design? Designing an […]

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What you should know about the PURE method

Regarding user experiences, it is necessary to carry out different evaluations to ensure that the usability of what we want to create is optimal. There are various evaluation methods, but many have problems due to limitations because they do not provide us with all the information necessary to really understand why the user acts in […]