UX methodologies

Ux (User Experience) methodologies are the basis for creating and designing an optimal product focused on the user. These methodologies help to find out the needs, motivations, behaviors and context of our users with the aim of creating the best possible product that generates the best experience. There are several methodologies in each phase of any project. All of them are divided between the analysis, design and evaluation phase of the creation of a product or service and can sometimes be used for several phases depending on what you want to find out.

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What you should know about the PURE method

Regarding user experiences, it is necessary to carry out different evaluations to ensure that the usability of what we want to create is optimal. There are various evaluation methods, but many have problems due to limitations because they do not provide us with all the information necessary to really understand why the user acts in […]

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Heuristic evaluation of websites.

Heuristic evaluation as a technique to improve usability Today we will talk about one of the processes that is usually used to evaluate the usability of a website: Heuristic evaluation of websites. What is website heuristic evaluation? The heuristic evaluation is a process in which an application or web interface is examined and observed, guided […]