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Web tree structure: what it is, its functions and more

One of the most important phases for the creation of a website is the web architecture, since this will determine how the information will be presented to our target audience. To carry out this important task, a web tree must be made, which is what we will talk about in today’s post.

What is a web tree structure?

A web tree is the graphic representation of the structure and organization that we want our web page to have. In general, the web tree is the first stage of conception of a website. Since, when preparing this scheme, a hierarchy must be established between the different sections to decide the order in which they will appear and the subsections that each of them will have, as well as their content.

What is a web tree structure for?

As previously mentioned, the web tree is essential to structure the contents of our website. Thanks to its elaboration, we will know which sections must be elaborated and what is the main content of each one. This content will help:

  • Web designers, who may apply the hierarchy of content to the layout of the site.
  • The editors, who will know what content is necessary for the new website.
  • The development team will know the structure that the website must have and, therefore, what they must program for it.

Tools to make a web tree

Web trees are usually represented in the form of organization charts, so you don’t need any specific software or tool, in fact, if it’s easier for you, you can create them by hand.

However, if you are one of those who like to use software, we can recommend some:

  • Microsoft Office: This software has a very useful tool called SmartArt, whose hierarchy category allows us to create organization charts with different styles and characteristics.
  • Canva: This is an online tool that includes a category of organization charts in its templates that can be modified. This is a free resource, although if you want to access more advanced options you have to opt for a subscription.
  • Creately: This is a specific tool for creating organizational charts. That is why it allows us to create more complex web trees, in which you can include any type of information. This can be free although it has several types of subscription.

In summary…

In today’s post we talk about the web tree, its importance and we even discuss some tools that you can use to create it. Taking this into account, we can add that the success of the project will depend to a large extent on the realization of this. That is why it must be carried out by professionals who take into account the appropriate techniques for its preparation.

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