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The anniversary of any company is an important moment for all its members, but celebrating 10 years becomes a very important corporate event, and a milestone. It is a before and after in the life of a company that has established itself and has managed to grow both technically and professionally.

At Possible we are proud to have reached this figure, and this September we will celebrate in style with our clients, collaborators and team that we have been committed to the digital transformation of companies for 10 years and guaranteeing the best service.

That is why we take the opportunity to hold an event with our clients, whom we thank for the trust placed in our services, and with the presence of our entire team of professionals and collaborators who have made Possible where it is today.

What will the event be like?

As we know that the tenth anniversary is a special date, we want to thank these years with a great celebration. For this reason, we are going to anticipate a little what is going to happen this September:

In the first place, our group training sessions in which the management team, as well as the technical and marketing team participate, cannot be missed. In the workshops, real practical cases are carried out that help workers to visualize the processes of a company while working in a group.

Added to this is a team building-oriented activity that, although we cannot anticipate what it will be, will remain at the same level as last year’s paintball and go-kart activities. It is an activity that serves to experiment, dare, and have fun outside a work environment.

And above all the central event, this year there will be a round table on Artificial Intelligence: Present and future; with experts in the field. To this incredible colloquium will be added a cocktail with pinchos and drinks with which to liven up a wonderful afternoon in the company of all those who have made it possible for us to celebrate our 10th birthday.

We hope to celebrate many more with you.

Thank you so much everyone.


Iris Pereira

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