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Mobile app design

A mobile app is a computer application that is developed for smartphones, requiring conceptualization of the idea, sketching, initial designs, programming and final design.

App design has become a necessity for all companies today, as the impact it has on customer conversion is becoming more and more noticeable.

What exactly is app design?

Designing an app consists of developing an application that works on the main operating systems: iOs and Android. The app design covers from the first steps to the final launch of the app.

Creating an app makes it much easier for a company to get closer to its users, since the cell phone is now a native medium and the company can connect in a much more natural way.

Apps allow us to modernize our image and connect better with the customer. They facilitate the way in which the target interacts with the company. On the other hand, a good idea can become a business model and the app facilitates this process.

But what are the advantages of creating an app?

Advantages of an app for your company

  • Differentiation: to be able to separate yourself from other companies or businesses that do not have an app or an updated system to make themselves known.
  • Engagement: this is a system available to your customers 24/7, providing the opportunity to create a profile and respond according to their needs.
  • Removes barriers to purchase and use: app design brings us closer to our market and integrates us into the user’s life in a more natural way.
  • Loyalty: we are facilitating the processes to our user or future client.
  • Savings in advertising costs: it allows us to disseminate our services and news in a direct way without resorting to traditional media.
  • Data collection: Apps are a great source of data that allow obtaining valuable information about the different user profiles that use them, as well as their behavior in the app environment.
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How can we help you create your mobile app?

In a first phase we must study the model user that interacts with the app so that the design is adapted to their needs and preferences. Then we elaborate some versions of the same view with different look and feel to start defining the UI or user interface design of the app.

We put ourselves in the place of the final recipient of the application since the user must understand the structure of the app on first access. App design is one of the most important stages in app development, but we must think about it beyond the visual design. The important thing is that the design is useful so that the user understands it and can perform the actions we want.

At Possible we have experience in creating apps both for customers and within the company. Our products work through apps that are constantly updated, and we have collaborated with several companies such as RAC Puertas where we have also developed our own mobile app for daily use.

Designing an app is an opportunity to update our business and make it grow in an ever expanding market. Do you plan to design a mobile app? Contact us!


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