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Possible programming team grows!

We incorporate a new full stack developer

We are in constant change and evolution, and with this come new additions to our team. Specifically, the Possible programming team grows by incorporating a new Full Stack developer. What does Full Stack Developer mean? Who joins the team?

All these questions are answered below.

Full stack developer

the full stack means “complete stack” since Stack means stack or stack in the sense of “Set of things arranged one on top of the other as a pillar or column”. And is that a stack in the world of digitization means a set of technologies that allow an engineer or technician to develop a product. The stack of technologies to develop something like this could be PHP (server language), MySQL (database engine), HTML + CSS + Javascript (languages ​​for layout and display in the web browser). Therefore, a full stack would be the professional who masters these technologies to be able to develop both the PHP and MySQL part ( the backend) and the HTML + CSS + Javascript part ( the frontend).

Who joins the team?

His name is José Luis, a senior programmer with more than 5 years of experience. He possible has incorporated it to strengthen the engineering and digitization team of the company, due to the growth experienced in the last year.

His work will initially focus on improving the code of some web projects, at the same time that he is trained in the .NET framework since for the industrial sector this framework is one of the most used for the development of software solutions for the industry. It is mainly used to perform SCADAS (data capture and acquisition systems) that communicate with other industrial systems such as automatons or industrial networks that are those that communicate directly with machines and execute or control manufacturing, production, maintenance or monitoring actions. .

Jose Luis is a native of Venezuela, but has been living in Galicia for a few years, specifically in a town in the province of Ourense. In his LinkedIn profile he defines himself as “Computer Engineer, oriented towards web programming, always seeking to obtain the expected results within the established time, excellent communication skills”

How do you join the team?

Photograph of the programming team workspace

From the first moment Jose Luis joins 100% remotely like many other members of the Possible team. In this sense, since 2014 the company has always had partial or total remote personnel. Therefore, the entire systems and organizational and operational infrastructure has been in place for years so that staff can work in person or remotely.


At Possible, we hope to increase the team in the coming months with more programming professionals such as Jose Luis. This profile and many others come to bring experience, communication and professionalism, as well as good energy and optimism. We leave his profile on LinkedIn so that you can contact him if you have any questions about the technologies and capabilities that he has.

The Possible programming team grows and will continue to grow in the coming months both in the programmer profile and in other necessary profiles, to provide the best possible service.



Iago Ocarranza

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