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Possible change offices

From February 2021, Possible change offices

Possible change offices in order to have more space for new team members. Do you want more details? Next we will tell you about our new location.

Why did we change offices?

The offices at Calle Magallanes nº7 Vigo were too small for us for the size of the team and the company’s needs, so throughout the month of September 2020 we began to look for a new location where we could continue to grow as a company.


Possible changes office but not to a randomly chosen site. We wanted to continue to be close to the urban area and the city center, so it was important to find a space between Plaza de España and the nautical one of Vigo.

Finally we found a place that met the characteristics. He appeared in the Plaza del Berbés, just 5 minutes from the Puerta del Sol. This is located in front of the port of Vigo and very close to the nautical one.

Possible change offices at Berbés place

The office is located right on the edge of the historic center of the city and below the priest’s neighborhood. This consists of a 120m2 room that allows to have plenty of space for the current Possible team, maintaining the necessary safety distances in times of Covid and with a meeting room and a small office for the coffee maker, refrigerator and coffee machine.

The street is called Rúa San Francisco, and the office is at nº35, 1ºB. If you want the exact location, you will find it HERE.

The office windows overlook the Plaza del Berbés, a square belonging to the old part of the city. This square is used to host part of the stalls and activities of the reconquest party as well as other relevant events in the city.


The office was used by one of the many companies that formerly worked in the commercialization of fish and / or shellfish, hence its proximity to the port, and it was covered on its walls with pictures related to fishing, knots or the sea. usually.


In addition to painting and changing the furniture, and improving the network and electrical installation, we have touched little else in the office. The truth is that practically everything was ready to enter, having been used by other companies in the past.

Perhaps in the future a piece of furniture will be acquired here and there or a painting or poster to adorn the walls but from the outset the important thing was to make it functional and adapt it to the needs of the Possible staff.

Do you like the location?
Do you want to know more about our new office?
As always, we await your comments.


Pablo Gajino

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