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Another Scrum developer joins Possible!

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We incorporate a new Scrum developer!

Another Scrum developer joins Possible! Thanks to the effort and perseverance of one of our members, it is possible to celebrate this great achievement, both individually and in the team itself.

Do you know what a Scrum developer is? Who is our new member with this title? All these questions will be answered below.

What is Scrum Master?

In the jargon of Agile methodologies, which were initially implemented in the software development sector, but have spread to banking, industry, marketing and other sectors, a Scrum Developer is a member of the Scrum development team. These teams are made up of a Product Owner (we will see in future Posts) and a development team of Scrums Developers together with the Scrum Master.

The Scrum Developer must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Scrum and have the ability to create software using Scrum in the real world. Above all, she must have great abilities to work in multidisciplinary teams and pursue technical excellence with her colleagues in all the projects they carry out.

Another Scrum Developer is incorporated to the Possible team and we hope that many more roles will be incorporated with the aim of improving and adding more value to our work

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Who joins as Scrum Developer?

Eugenio Doñaque, a Possible member since 2020, has recently acquired the title of Scrum Developer through This is one of the official bodies that offers courses and issues certificates related to Scrum for different profiles such as:

  • Scrum Developer
  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • etc…

Eugenio has obtained more than a 90% qualification in the exam and therefore he is already certified as Scrum Master. This gives him the possibility of performing that role in the projects and teams in which he participates.

we work mainly with Agile methodologies , and specifically with Scrum, although we also use Kanban in projects that do not fit the Scrum model well.

Eugenio, is a computer programmer from the Open University of Catalunya (still studying the degree) and combines his studies with his professional activity at Possible.

He is specialized in developing projects with MEAN stacks on AWS or with Python-Django / Vue.js / MySQL stack for products in web infrastructure mainly. From Possible we encourage him to continue growing with us while he continues his training. We leave you his profile on LinkedIn so that you can contact him if you have any questions about your capabilities https: //

Finally Another Scrum developer joins Possible!

Why do we use Scrum?

For Possible, it is important that the staff of the engineering and development team acquire knowledge and skills. Not only at the level of programming but also related to the organization and evolution of complex digital products.

We have opted for Scrum because one of the founding partners came into contact with this methodology in 2010 in the UK. For this reason, from the beginning of the company we have always tried to implement Agile Kanban and Scrum methodologies in projects and engineering and development teams.

Since 2019, where the company has begun to work as a software factory for other companies, it was important that all members of the company obtain the different qualifications and certifications in the methodologies and philosophies that are used in the day to day of the company.


From Possible, we hope that little by little other members of the team and new recruits that arrive will be certified in this and other techniques and methodologies. This is something that is promoted and economically assumed at the level of costs and examination fees (it could not be otherwise) from the company itself.


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