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What you should know about Machine Learning

In today’s post we will talk about a term that should sound familiar to you, Machine Learning. For this we will contextualize a little in its history. Did you know that in 1950 the possibility that machines could think was raised for the first time? Yes, as impressive as the mathematician Alan Turing may seem, he planted the seed of computers with “artificial intelligence”, that is, capable of working autonomously on typically human tasks.

However, it was not until years later that Marvin Minksy and Dean Edmonds, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), managed to create a computer program capable of learning from experience to get out of a maze.

What does it consist of?

Machine Learning is the practice of using algorithms to walk around data, learn from it, and then be able to make a prediction or suggestion about something. What exactly does this consist of? Imagine that you are watching a movie on an online platform. Has it ever happened to you that suggestions appear? That is exactly what machine learning is all about, an algorithm evaluates patterns and matches to recommend other movies or series that suit your tastes.

Machine learning in daily life

As you will realize, machine learning is in our daily life, for example:

  • Virtual voice assistants: they are very popular, there are currently many on the market. These virtual assistants end up knowing the user and can even determine their sleep patterns, messages, calendars, her voice, among others.
  • Face detection: It has been one of the most important advances of the decade. These are used to unlock the mobile, filters on social networks to look more handsome or even predict how you will be when you grow old.
  • Medical diagnoses: With great potential, these advances in artificial intelligence have allowed diagnoses of pathologies with greater speed and margin of error.
  • Personalized ads: has it happened to you that you are looking for some shoes on the internet and suddenly related ads appear? Well, the ML learns from your behaviors, your searches and based on your patterns it recommends related products or services.
  • Autonomous cars: Did you know that there are cars capable of driving, parking or maneuvering autonomously? The interesting thing about this is that, there are laws in some countries that do not allow the driver to let go of the steering wheel while driving. Therefore, it will be a challenge for the automotive market to make use of autonomous driving.

Truly, the possibilities of Machine Learning are virtually endless, as long as there is data available to learn from. Surely you have heard that data is the oil of the future

What do you think about this? Do you think this is a benefit to the human species?

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