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We celebrate our anniversary

We celebrated our 9 anniversary!

The event

On September 11, we organized a small event for clients, collaborators and for the entire Possible team. The goal is to celebrate that the company turns 9 years old. The idea was to bring together customers, collaborators and staff, and bring to Galicia all the people who are far away to enjoy for a few days our land and our gastronomy. In addition, the weather accompanied and that was the icing on the cake.

The place

After looking for several options, we decided on the Gareta de Aurora, a place that we knew from its experience in event catering and, a few months ago, had renovated a place on the outskirts of Vigo, for lunch and dinner and also to be able to carry out an event like the one we wanted to organize.

Local evento possible aniversario

In addition to reserving a space for us and preparing a specific catering (all done in the restaurant’s own kitchens) we were attended by ten. They were at all times aware of our team and our customers so that nothing was missing.

Let’s eat

We welcomed the Possible team, customers and collaborators in a garden area with welcome drinks. The day accompanied (luckily) and you could be outdoors, with a perfect temperature to make the most of the garden and the catering area.

In the middle of the catering, the partners of the company only interrupted to thank the assistance of all and that the company continues to be active and growing year on year because it is undoubtedly thanks to the customers who trust us and the team that makes the projects and products go ahead.

Of our clients, not all could attend but those who did come were DFG Pavestone, Plusvecinos, Mariskito, Transferay and Alserco, whom we want to thank again for coming at the weekend. Also a special mention to Discamino, a non-profit association with which we collaborated and was present (soon we will dedicate a post only to them).

And of course to collaborators like Disomnia who was represented by Alicia Bolaño.


With background music and late in the afternoon it was time for the photos with the photocall made by Gladys Otero and Iris Pereira (our marketing and communication department). Where we were posing with all the clients and the different departments.

Possible team aniversario

We hope that all those who came will have a pleasant time and also enjoy the catering and the chosen place. From the company we will try to do it again next year so those guests who have not been able to come this year do not worry.

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